what types of vape pens are there

Any idea about what is a vape pen and from where can you get it? Here we are starting with the description of the vape pen so that its types could be easily explained. Vape pen is a pen that is operated through a battery and is filled with e-liquid.

Mechanism of a vaping pen:

A pen that is readily available from the vape store is operated with the use of a battery. The liquid is burnt and transformed into a liquid vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by the person using the pen.

Types of vape pens:

These can be widely divided into three types. They are as follows:

· Concentrate vape pens:

This type of pen is usually filled with oils and waxes. The main drawback of this pen is that it needs cleaning after every few days.

· Dry herb vape pens:

If you want a vape pen that is the easiest to use, then you should go for this one. It is the one used most commonly and the substance filled in it consists of loose leaves and particulate matter.

· E-liquid vape pens:

These pens are similar to the e-cigarettes and the flavors of e-liquids that can be filled in them are cotton candy, vanilla, cinnamon, buttered popcorn and few others too.